About Us

Scholarship Finder is a niche website focusing solely on providing relevant and necessary quality content information about existing scholarships and grants in the USA.

We see it as our mission to collect relevant information and present it in a readable and easily accessible manner that allows our readers to be aware of the existing scholarship and grant opportunities.

Scholarship Finder’s underlying principal is such that if a person truly desires a higher education and the only obstacle they face is the prospects of finding a suitable scholarship/grant we want to facilitate the path towards this goal.

We have a collection of articles that are original and informative and we constantly update the site to ensure that our visitors have access to current and high quality content.

We will be adding additional features that we feel will assist our users in finding the appropriate scholarship / grant.

Shortly, we will be initiating an offline and online research service, “The Scholarship Finder Research Service” where our visitors will have an opportunity to send in their requests by way of an online form and we will provide them with the relevant information as well as contact information when necessary.

We have the utmost respect for our readers & are dedicated to completing our mission.