Raising Awareness Of British Students Driven To Study In The US To Various Sources Of Academic Financial Assistance

Rising tuition fees and the limited number of places at UK universities is certainly one of the main driving factors pushing British students towards US academic institutes or in other words, study overseas. Many inquiries into undergraduate study in the US have been carried out and students have begun to realize that in order for […]

About US Scholarships

The US is one of the renowned countries with its collection of famous and recognized academic institutes and those international students who wish to maximize and reap future benefits from these highly recognized academic institutes need to know that the numbers of scholarships on offer are limited. Therefore, with this in mind it is imperative […]

Why Study in the US?

Why would you want to choose the US as the place to enrich your academic curriculum vitae? Why do many international students choose US colleges and universities? Let’s take a look at just a few factors and perhaps by the time you reach the end of this article you too might be closer to packing […]