Scholarships in Wyoming

Hathaway Scholarships The state of Wyoming has established a generous scholarship program in the name of former Wyoming Governor Stan Hathaway that rewards eligible Wyoming students with scholarship money to attend the University of Wyoming or any Wyoming community college. Hathaway Scholarships are available to attend the Wyoming postsecondary eligible institutions; Casper College (CC), Casper; […]

Scholarships in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship Program This Academic Excellence Scholarships are awarded to those students in Wisconsin high school seniors who have the highest grade point average in each public or private high school throughout the State of Wisconsin. The number of scholarships of each high school is eligible based on the total number of student […]

Scholarships in West Virginia

West Virginia PROMISE Scholarships The PROMISE (Providing Real Opportunities for Maximizing In-State Student Excellence) Program was funded in the year of 2001, will also provide each eligible West Virginia high school graduate with a full tuition scholarship to a State College or University in West Virginia. This scholarship was designed to make college more affordable […]

Scholarships in Washington

Washington HECB Washington Scholars Program Washington Scholarship candidates are nominated to the HECB by their high school principals in the late autumn. Each public or private high school in the State is encouraged to submit their nominations equal to 1% of the graduating senior class. All nominations will be reviewed by the committee which is […]

Scholarships in Virginia

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program VTAG is a non need-based grant for Virginia residents who are attending and participating in Virginia private Colleges or Universities. The exact amount of each year’s award is determined by the availability of the funds and the total number of eligible students or applicants. If the funds are insufficient to […]

Scholarships in Vermont

Vermont State Grange Educational Aid Fund Scholarship The Vermont State Grange was created because it recognizes the importance of education in rural America. This scholarship is to assist grange members who are obtaining an Associate’s or any Bachelor’s Degree. Vermont Police Association Scholarships The Vermont Police Association offers different types of scholarship like: Erwin […]

Scholarships in Utah

Utah Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation program The Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation programs offers a partial tuition program which allows only for high school graduation to be flexible in order to meet the individual student’s needs. This scholarship is eligible for any public school that has an education Occupation Plan on file, has indicated […]

Scholarships in Texas

Texas A&M University-Century Scholar Award The Century Scholars Program is a partnership between Texas A&M University and participating high schools in Central Texas, Dallas, Forth Worth, Houston, Rio Grande and San Antonio areas. Students’ program benefits are awarded by Century Scholars worth of $20,000 over a period of four years, as well as a $1,000 […]

Scholarships in Tennessee

Tennessee Hope Foster Child Tuition Grant Tennessee Hope Foster Child Tuition Grant is allocated to one who was in the custody of Tennessee’s Department of Children’s services; Should be at least 1 year after reaching 14 years of age and be placed for adoption by the Department of children’s services or one of its adoption […]


Scholarships in South Dakota

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship provides $5,000 scholarship awarded over four years to high school graduates from South Dakota who have completed the high school curriculum and maintain their academic standards. This scholarship is available to residents of South Dakota at the time of high school graduation. South Dakota Retailers Association […]