University of Southern California Scholarships

The University of Southern California (USC) actually has several campuses, but they are primarily located in the urban setting of Los Angeles, California. There is also satellite campuses located in Irvine and Marina Del Rey, as well as a few specialties centers around the nation. USC is the oldest research center in the state of […]

Scholarships for the University of Chicago

Located in the third most populated US city (behind New York and Los Angeles), the University of Chicago is proud to call the friendly state of Illinois home. Established in 1890, this university is one of the oldest in the Midwest. However, with a student body of around 15,400 it is also one of the […]

University of Michigan Scholarships

Located in beautiful Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is the pride of the Great Lakes when it comes to a premier educational facility. This facility was established in 1817 and currently boasts approximately 42,000 active students. Of this number, 63% are undergraduates and 37% are graduate level students. The University of Michigan has a […]

Scholarships for Stanford University

When it comes to an outstanding college level education in the beautiful state of California, Stanford University is hard to beat. In fact, for those that want an Ivy League education without leaving the warmth and excitement of the west coast, Stanford University is a great fit for them. Located in chic Palo Alto, California […]

Scholarships for Harvard

When it comes to a college education, the pinnacle of success for most people is Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While Harvard no doubt offers a superior college education, it also comes at a steep price. In fact, the current cost of attendance (including related expenses such as room and board) is more than $50,000 […]