DVNF Scholarships

Disabled Veterans National Foundation offers a limited number of yearly DVNF scholarships that can be used to help a veteran fund tuition that may not be covered by the Montgomery or Post 9/11 G.I. Bills.

A total of up to 50 yearly $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to Veterans to help them continue their education outside of the military.  Awarded funds will be paid directly to the school with the intent to enable the Veteran to attend an accredited college, university or trade school.

Applicants must be meet the following requirements:
– Veteran status: (a)  A person who served in the active military, or military auxiliaries (excludes Active Duty Training), and  (b)  was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonourable.
– Must be attending or planning to attend an accredited US institution at the time the scholarship is awarded (list of accredited schools: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/Search.aspx).

– A citizen of the United States of America.

Applicants must submit the following by the dates outlined below:

-DVNF Scholarship Application Form.

-Official letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment from accredited U.S. institution/college/university.

– Veteran’s DD-214, showing character of discharge and certified with official stamp or seal (certification can be done at any courthouse or VA office for free).

-Personal Statement 200-300 words in length.

A brief essay on your career goals.

– Essay 700-1000 words in length.

Subject:  Explain how this scholarship would help meet your educational and career goals. How

has the decision to serve in the military and the experience changed your life and your ambitions?

Pick an experience from your own life and explain how it has influenced your decision to pick yourcareer path.

– Two (2) letters of recommendation. Letters from relatives will not be accepted.

– Consent and Release Form signed.

September 1st – November 1st – Application Period- all submissions must be made between this time.

December- Selections will be made for the spring semester.

February 1st – May 1st – Application Period- all submissions must be made between this time.

June – Selections will be made for the fall semester.

Download the scholarship application form at http://www.dvnf.org/veterans-programs/scholarships/.

Please read our policy , all instructions and FAQ’s before filling out scholarship application. Due to a high volume of applicants, incomplete applications will not be considered.


Submit all scholarship applications to DVNF at:
Disabled Veterans National Foundation
Scholarship Programs
1020 19th St. NW, Suite 475
Washington, DC 20036

Fax: 202-737-0214

PLEASE NOTE: Scholarship funds are only paid directly to the school’s tuition office. They cannot be used for books, or any other expense outside of tuition.

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