Obama Scholarships for Single Mothers

For most of his life, President Barack Obama was raised by a single mother. Ann Dunham, whom Barack Obama has called “The dominant figure in my formative years”, was married twice for a total of less than 20 years. Therefore, by most accounts she was a single mother and struggled to do her best to make a nice life for her small family.

Education was at the forefront of that plan for Obama’s single mother and a high value was placed on academic excellence. Her persistence and gentle encouragement of young Barack clearly paid off, as he committed himself to academia and eventually graduated from Harvard Law School. It was a dream come true for his single mother as he made a name for himself as a competent attorney and then later engaged in a life of public service.

President Barack Obama’s commitment to education prevails to this day and his devotion to the college level education of single mothers is one of his primary focuses. He is aware that as the sole breadwinners in many of these households, single mothers need to do whatever they can to become accomplished and financially stable. To this end, he has made scholarships funds available to help ease the financial pain of a college level education.

In 2009 President Obama initiated a program entitled Moms Return To School which provides scholarship funds for single mothers who wish to attend college and continue their efforts to create financial stability for themselves as well as their children. This program also provides tax credits for single mothers to attend college either via an online course of study or at an accredited university. In fact, because of the lack of time most single mothers experience as they juggle schooling and motherhood, online studies are becoming increasingly more suitable for their lifestyle and are available through a variety of colleges.

This scholarship program means that single mothers will get at least $5000 in Pell Grant funds for a college level education. Because this is a need based scholarship program, the applicants must disclose whether they are receiving any other financial aid for their education. In order to apply for this single mother scholarship program, interested students should first complete an online FAFSA form.

In addition to the Pell Grant funds, single mothers who return to college can also participate in the American Opportunity Tax Credit program. One of the stipulations of this program as it relates to single mothers means that they will get a $4000 refundable tax credit in exchange for 100 hours of community service. The single mother’s community service must be at specific locations as outlined by the federal government.

For single mothers ready to tackle the heady world of college level studies, life just got a bit easier thanks to President Obama, his continuing commitment to higher education and the scholarships funds that he has made available.

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