Scholarship Programs For Single Mothers Aspiring To Become Teachers

Historically, teaching has been a profession that is very desirable for mothers. One of the primary reasons is that moms are able to keep the same schedule as their children and have summers off at the same time that their kids are on vacation.

For single moms, teaching has many additional benefits. First, teachers typically have excellent benefit packages including a robust health insurance plan. Also, single mothers who may be struggling financially would not need the added expense of child care if their work schedule mirrors that of their children. Even if single moms are not ready to tackle full time employment, with an up-to-date teaching certificate they still have the option of substitute teaching whenever that fits their schedule.

Also, teaching provides several opportunities for career advancement. With a teaching degree, the single mom may move on to Dean of Students, consultant, Principal or even a position with the local school board. This makes the opportunity to make more money for her young family even more manageable for a single mother.

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

This $4,000 annual scholarship is for minority undergraduate single mom students who are majoring in education.  This scholarship program is need based and may be renewed if the applicant still qualifies.

American Montessori Teacher Education Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund for single moms is provided to 5 to 20 undergraduate education majors each year. The scholarship is specifically intended for aspiring teachers who would like to explore the Montessori method of education. The average value of these scholarships is $2,500.

McGraw-Hill Professional Development Scholarship

If you are a single mother interested in a teaching degree in Marketing education, the McGraw-Hill Corporation has developed a scholarship program just for your needs. The application process will involve several written statements as well as letters of recommendation. The award amounts are from $500 to $100 per recipient.

Robert G. Porter Scholars Program for AFT Members

Several $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year for members of the AFT or American Federation of Teachers. Both undergraduates and graduates are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.  Also, the single mom must be AFT members for at least one full year.

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority

This scholarship program is available for residents of Kentucky who are completing their initial teaching certification. If the recipient fails to complete their course of study in education or opts for another career, the scholarship award then becomes a loan. Freshman and sophomores may receive $625 per semester whereas juniors, seniors and graduate level students may receive $2,500 per semester.

Tomorrow Teacher Scholarship Program

Young single mom residents of Massachusetts who are high school seniors may qualify for this scholarship program. Eligible applicants must rank in the top 25% of their class and will be awarded a full tuition scholarship to a Massachusetts public college. If they opt for a private school, they will receive only a partial scholarship. Recipients must agree that they will teach in the state of Massachusetts for four years after graduation.

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