Scholarships for Cancer Survivors

Many times when individuals are told the frightening words, “You have cancer” their world feels like it has comes to a screeching halt. Even more devastating than that is to be told that your child has cancer. Some parents cannot fathom their child making it to high school, much less ever being healthy enough to attend college.

The good news is that increasingly individuals who thought they had a death sentence via a cancer diagnosis have a new lease on life due to advances in modern medical technology. In fact, huge advances have been made in the arena of childhood cancers in particular. This means that a college level education is most definitely in the cards for many of these modern medical miracles.

Thankfully, to pave the pathway to higher learning there are scholarships available to students who are cancer survivors. With the climbing cost of a college level education, this is great news for these young adults and their concerned parents. While some scholarships are available to cancer survivors in general, others are targeted towards those that survived certain and specific types of cancer.

Care Commit Change (CCC)

At the heart of the CCC philosophy is the basic premise that every cancer survivor deserves the chance to have a college education. CCC has a unique way of supporting their scholarship which is by selling CCC related items including The Bright Side Necklace. This piece of jewelry sells for approximately $40 and the proceeds go directly to the CCC scholarship program. In existence since 2005, more than $70,000 in funds have already been distributed. This group issues three scholarships annually and each one is valued at $1,000-$2,000.

American Cancer Society

This longstanding American charitable icon now offers scholarships for applicants that were diagnosed with cancer while under the age of 21. Further, they need to less than age 25 at the time of the scholarship application. The American Cancer Society provides a two year grant that is valued at $500 per semester for either full-time or part-time students. These funds must be applied directly towards tuition.

Cancer For College

This scholarship program is available both to cancer survivors and also amputees. Based in California, this group distributes several scholarships each year. Additionally, they offer a perpetual scholarship wherein the awardee is given $4,000 per year for four years to cover the cost of a college level education.

The Kyle Lee Foundation, Inc.

In order to qualify for a scholarship from The Kyle Lee Foundation, applicants must have survived cancer and special preference is given to survivors of Ewing’s Sarcoma in particular. Several scholarship awards are distributed each year and the amount of each varies from $500-$1,000. Applicants must also provide the scholarship award committee with a 700 word essay on their personal battle with cancer.

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